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Time Drive: How to Have Time to Live and Work

TIME DRIVE is based on real examples and contains step-by-step guides, thus allowing every modern manager to find an answer to the most important question — how can you get more done in less time? The book also contains tips for time management at work, for relaxation, motivation, goal-setting, prioritization, effective reading, etc. The range of issues covered by the book is so wide and the solutions are so universal that it can be recommended to almost any category of readers.

Time Formula: Time Management Using Outlook 2010

TIME FORMULA teaches readers how to accomplish more tasks and effectively manage their time with the help of Microsoft Outlook. This book is unique in that, unlike most other books on the market, it goes beyond providing bare technical facts about the software. It is primarily targeted at managers and helps them become more efficient by showing them how to better manage their time and the time of their employees, set tasks and oversee their completion, etc. It supplies a large number of managerial tips and techniques.



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