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Programmes & Products

Corporate training programmes

Time management trainings courses for companies

  • A 2-3 day training course for 10 to 20 employees can be split into a series of 1-day workshops or 4-hour sessions.
  • The event can take place at the training room of the host company or at an outside venue.
  • We give a free presentation and survey the employees of the company, allowing us to define employee needs and specific goals for the course.

Programme Length, form Target group
Corporate time management 2 days, an additional day recommended Basic course for everyone ranging from specialists to top managers
Time management using Outlook / Lotus Notes / SharePoint 1 day computer class Basic course for everyone ranging from specialists to top managers
Time management for CEOs 1 day CEOs
Efficient planning 1 day Project managers, heads of department, top managers
Mind management: managing data and tasks 1 day computer class, with the use of MindManager software Specialists and managers dealing with a great load of data on complex projects
Effective meetings 1 day Managers holding a large amount of meetings
Different workshops on time management for sales managers, accountants, project managers, etc. 1 day Specialists on the respective topics

Please note: due to frequent inadmissible usage of course information by third parties, a detailed course curriculum will be sent to you only after you submit the name of your company, your position and your corporate email address.

Please call us to receive detailed course curricula, find out the terms and set up a date for a free presentation by our coach at your company.

Consulting products

  • Control over delegated tasks
  • Individual time management tutorials for CEOs
  • Design of corporate time management standards
  • Secretariat reglamentation



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